RE: guys, which muppet do you think most reflects my personal style?

me: you know, i’m not sure. but i will say that i’ve always been a fan of kermit’s. Very simple, great use of monochromatic schemes.

Joanna: true! he is a classic. i want to say janice but she dresses like a floozy.

me: that slut.

Joanna: maybe she’s just misunderstood.

me: ah, an e! true hollywood story just waiting to happen

Joanna: they need that. muppets revealed

me: considering the number of kermy/piggy breakups, it’s so overdue

Joanna: there HAD to be some drug use in there. gonzo, fozzie

me: of course. i hear he went nuts on coke in the 80s.

Joanna: which explains wearing a bolo tie

me: and then there was the foursome with the fraggle rockers

Joanna: all the fraggles were doin it with each other. all the time.

me: those trees were just cute fronts for S&M clubs

Joanna: big time